Polar GP2404

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The Gator Safety GP2404 Polar is a Cool room/Freezer boot that can be worn in cold temperatures as low as -40°c (subject to time and conditions). Its thermal insulative lining and waterproof membrane keeps feet warm and dry.
The Polar has a lightweight composite toe cap which does not conduct cold. By containing a flexible anti-perforation midsole, the wearer gains increased protection against penetration of sharp objects through the sole.
This model has a zip side with webbing and bump cap protection with ankle support.

Water repellent full grain leather upper
YKK zip side with webbing
300°c heat resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole
600g Thinsulate thermal insulative lining
Can be worn in temperatures as low as -40°c (Subject to time and conditions)
WATERPROOF breathable membrane
Lightweight composite toecap (200j impact protection) – Does not conduct cold
(FAP) Flexible Anti-Perforation midsole
Anti-fatigue and antistatic insole
Certified to Australian Standards AS 2210.3:2019
Sizing: UK 6-14 full UK sizes only

Note: Size 14UK contains a steel toe-cap

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