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We know it takes a lot of time running a business which is why we bring the fitting room to our business clients. With our mobile fitting service you can rest assured that all your team will be fitted out correctly and in a timely manner.

We don’t just sell safety

we provide quality, value & peace of mind

Good for your health

Our Streamlined process means that you can rest assured all your team will be fitted correctly.


Relax, we got this! We come to you which means less time on the road. Less time battling traffic and long lines. 

Award wining service

At LTW we believe it is all about the people. Our customer focus is matched by the empowerment and support we give our employees and partners who make what we do possible.


We can make selecting and ordering the correct safety equipment easier for you allowing you more time to focus on your business operations. At LTW we are all about people, which is why our liberation purpose equally mirrors the empowerment and support we provide to businesses clients, customers, partners.

Made For The Busy Bees In Your business

Choose your workwear hamper & book the LTW Mobile fitting service  to save big on time & money.

The Cost of Getting your uniform wrong

At LTW we know that ordering the incorrect sizing is more than a minor inconvenience. The impact of having staff out of uniform while the correct sizing is being sources can result in oraganisations breaching Workplace Heath & Safety policies and could ultimately lead to employees insufficiently performing tasks and duties.

Not to mention the costs of the Return Supply Chain, this can quickly balloon if businesses must return goods multiple times and include postage costs, staff costs to access the returned goods, restocking fees and additional packaging costs.

There a number of ways to overcome fitting and sizing challenges, these can include;

1.Purchase a sizing range

This is ideal for businesses that are in the industrial/construction space. It is always best to have a range on hand for new staff or for any accidents where

a uniform may need to be replaced asap!

2. Sizing samples

We can embroider "SAMPLE" on them so they don't go walk about. The sample can then be held onsite so that the staff can physically try on to garment to determine their ideal size and fit. 

3.Mobile fitting service
We’re here to make it easy so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Our mobile fitting service was designed with the customer in mind. For ease of use and to help our clients keep cost down.

483+ satisfied B2B customers and counting

What people love about our Mobile Fitting Service


What Are The Cost & deatils?

A $200 desposit applies* and must be paid 3 days prior to the fitting service to secure your spot. The $200 deposit will be credited to the client on all orders placed within 30 days of the fitting service & for a total value over $1,500.

Mobile fitting service is only available to workplaces with 10+ employees.

To find out if you qualify please contact the LTW Team.

What if i need to cancel the mobile fitting service?

You can cancel or reschedule your mobile fitting service more than 24 hours before your appointment. Failure to do will result in loss of the non-refundable $200 deposit.

What's is included in the Mobile Fitting Service ?

After your initial consultation, a hamper of your chosen clothing will be put together in a variety of sizes for your team to be fitted.


An LT Workwear team member will come to your place of business to fit your team.

Documentation of all you staff sizing and styles will be emailed to you. Staff will be required to sign off on sizing choices.

What is not included in the Mobile Fitting Service?

An LT Workwear Team member will discuss if parking is available onsite and if the parking spot can be reserved for the LT Workwear fitting consultant. If parking is unavailable then the cost of parking will be charged to the client.

What if i choose a item that is not a stock line?

If you choose a non stock lined item, we will order it in for you. Goods must be paid for in full prior to the mobile fitting service. If you don't need the garment or a particular size you can return it and you will be credited minus the re-stocking fee + postage.

What if a staff member(s) are away?

We understand that these things happen and are happy to come back anothertime to measure and fit up the team member that was away on the day. Wecharged a small call out fee of $80, which is non refundable.